Get to Work

Hi! I’m BLUE

Mascotte for CRM

Travel Design

Personal project | Travel Design | Thesis

The Survival School

Graphics for a survival game | “The Survival School”

Opera | rassegna danza sperimentale

Pina Bausch | Teatro Opera

Teatro Romano

Teatro Romano | Estate Teatrale Veronese 2016

Virgin America

Exercise | Style Tile of Virgin America

Alice non si sveglia

Photographic project | Inspired by Mambassa’s song


Infographic | Illustrated personal project

Restyling Logo

Logo for areagroup | shop24


Packaging Project | Even Perfume

Personal Project

Illustrated personal project

Matrimonio Erbe aromatiche

Tableau Mariage & Menù

Car Mockup

Restyling Logo | driving school

Shari Restaurant

Shari is a fusion restaurant that offers a refined selection of Japanese and Asian dishes.